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At What Age Do Baby Teeth Normally Fall Out?

Before braces can be put on, a child has to lost all of their baby teeth.  So what age do they normally fall out?  Its a simple questions that not many of us know the answer to.  Isn’t it strange that we’ve all been through it but can’t remember what age we lost each tooth?

Well, we have the answer for you in this week’s blog.  Parents usually want to know this information to make sure teeth fall out in a timely manner to prevent over crowding and spacing issues in the future.

At about age 6 is when kids usually start seeing tooth loss. Between the ages of 6-8 is when a lot of teeth come out and then there is a 2 year pause where not much happens.  Then from ages 10-13, the rest of baby teeth are lost.

Here is a quick chart:
Ages 3-6: Not much happens
Ages 6-8: First eight baby teeth lost
Ages 8-10: Not much happens
Ages 10-13: Last twelve baby teeth lost

Tooth loss might seem random but there is actually a certain order in which teeth come out.  Of course there are always exceptions to this but here is the general order in which teeth should be loss:

Age 6: Lower and upper central incisors
Age 7: Lower and upper lateral incisors
Age 10: Lower canines and upper first molars
Age 11: Lower first molars
Age 12: Upper and lower second molars and upper canines

It is important to keep in mind that the ages are just averages and not nearly as important as the pattern of the tooth loss. If teeth are not lost in the right order or if a tooth is lost and 3 months go buy without another tooth coming it, there may be issues with missing teeth, crowding, problems with the tooth loss mechanism, or the underlying tooth is just crooked and it is not pushing out the one above it. You can set up an orthodontic appointment as early as age 7 to check how things are progressing.  While it is difficult to solve the issues that early, preventative measure can be taken to ensure that teeth come in as normally as they can.

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