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What can the world’s most popular alternative to braces do for you? At Dot Smiles, we work with children, teens, and adults to address bite and dentition concerns of all kinds. At Dot Smiles, we specialize in creating beautiful, confident smiles using Invisalign’s innovative clear aligners. Through highly personalized care, Dr. Joffre and the Dot Smiles team help our patients achieve all manner of dental goals, from beautifying smiles to overhauling bite function and guiding healthy dental growth in children. To help you visualize your own or your child’s Invisalign results, we’ve put together a comprehensive Invisalign gallery.

Part of what makes our work so special to us is witnessing the incredible transformations our patients undergo. Each journey from before Invisalign to after Invisalign illustrates how it can improve a person’s bite function, smile, and confidence.

Nothing demonstrates the power of Invisalign like the radiant smiles of our satisfied patients. Our Invisalign before-and-after pictures capture the transformative journeys of our patients, offering a glimpse into the superior results that Dot Smiles consistently delivers.

We are experts at straightening teeth and correcting bites. It is all we do. Our expertise in all things orthodontics allows us to deliver outstanding results. We create smiles that look good and feel good too. We know you are best when you look good and feel good.

Dot Smiles is your trusted partner in the journey toward a healthier, more confident smile. Our expert team combines skill and artistry to guide each patient toward their unique Invisalign transformation. We take immense pride in crafting individually tailored treatment plans, suited to different aesthetic and oral health needs.

Additionally, Dr. Joffre is passionate about creating an excellent patient experience. The team at Dot Smiles is laser-focused on optimizing our communication with you, among ourselves, and with your other dental professionals to ensure a fully informed and smooth experience for you. Naturally, our goal is to provide you with your ideal results, and we also aim to make every moment of that journey hassle-free and empowering.

While our work is very centered on the human component, we also employ the world’s most advanced technology! Invisalign represents the very latest innovations in orthodontics; and other tech that allows us to provide incredible results includes our:

  • Intraoral scanner, accurate down to 1/125 millimeter
  • Remote consultations and monitoring
  • Digital x-rays, offering up to 90% less radiation than conventional x-rays
  • CBCT scans for an extremely nuanced view of dentition
  • Electronic medical records
  • Online payment system

All of this technology supports us in offering the very best personalized and easily accessible care to every patient. Something that Dr. Joffre has learned over his decades in practice is that better patient experiences lead to better results: The more involved in your treatment you are and the more informed and included you feel, the more you’ll get out of the entire journey!

Embrace the future of orthodontics with Dot Smiles. Begin your journey by exploring our Invisalign smile gallery and be inspired by the phenomenal results our patients have achieved. Ready to transform your smile in the greater Boston area? Every Invisalign success story begins with a personal consultation, followed by a tailored plan designed to bring out the best in your smile. Reach out to us at Dot Smiles in Dorchester today to begin writing your own before-and-after-Invisalign story!

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