Teen Braces

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    So, you have just heard the dreaded words, “you need braces.” Well, there is no need to worry! Braces are no longer as scary as they used to be, and the braces of today come in many different styles. You may even be able to pick the color of your braces! Braces are now much easier to wear, are more comfortable, and are much more stylish than they used to be. Plus, they will eventually result in the smile of your dreams.

    How Long Will I Need to Wear Braces?

    The length of your treatment time with braces will depend on the following three factors:

    • Early Treatment: Early orthodontic treatment occurs when there are still baby teeth present in the mouth. While not everyone receives this type of treatment, it can affect how long you will need to wear braces.
    • The Amount of Correction Needed: The amount of time that it will take to correct a dental issue will depend on the type of treatment needed. Each patient will respond differently to treatment, so treatment length may vary.
    • Your Cooperation: Your willingness to use the prescribed orthodontic appliances will play a big part in how long it will take to complete your treatment. Remember, it is very important to take care of your braces and other appliances to help fast track your way to a beautiful smile!

    Types of Braces

    At dotSmiles, we offer a selection of braces types and styles to choose from. Some of our most common options include:

    • Invisible braces.
    • Ceramic braces.
    • Lingual braces.
    • Traditional metal braces.

    The best way to determine which type of braces is best for you is through a consultation appointment with our team.

    What to Eat While Wearing Braces

    We are sure that you have heard from friends or family that there are certain foods you can and cannot eat while wearing braces. While it may seem like you are giving up a lot, it is important for you to understand that eating certain foods can damage your braces. We want your experiences with braces to be problem-free, so make sure you are aware of which foods to avoid. Here is a list of foods you should and should not eat with braces:

    Foods to Avoid with Braces

    • Hard foods, such as candies and nuts.
    • Sticky foods, like gum and caramels.
    • Chewy foods, such as licorice or bagels.
    • Crunchy foods like popcorn, ice, or chips.
    • Foods that require you to take large bites into them, such as apples, carrots, or corn on the cob.

    Foods That Are OK to Eat with Braces

    • Soft breads, such as pancakes, muffins, or soft tortillas.
    • Dairy products, including soft cheese, milk-based beverages, and puddings.
    • Grains, such as soft, cooked rice, and pastas.
    • Meats & poultry including soft cooked chicken, meatballs, or lunch meat.
    • Seafood, such as crab cakes, tuna, or salmon.
    • Soft veggies, like mashed potatoes, beans, and steamed spinach.
    • Fruits including bananas, applesauce, and fruit juices.
    • Treats like ice cream with no nuts, milkshakes, soft cakes, and Jell-O.

    Braces are a life-changing option to help you achieve a beautiful smile! If you are interested in learning more about braces and if they can benefit you, contact our office today to schedule a consultation appointment.