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They sure can! In fact, there are two types of Invisalign kids can get, depending upon their age and stage of dentition–Invisalign First®, and Invisalign for teens. We chatted with 12-year-old Aviv about her experience of having Invisalign for teens. She shared with us how she stays responsible with removable aligners, what it’s like having Invisalign in middle school, and more.

This will absolutely come down to you knowing your child! What we’ve learned from rock stars like Aviv is that some kids really can hang with Invisalign. If your child is the type who thrives on sticking to a routine and handles their current responsibilities like a champ, they might be a perfect candidate for Invisalign. Here are some tips for setting your kiddo up for success:

  • Phone alarms: Have them set their own alarms to remind them when it’s time to switch and clean trays.
  • Calendar check-ins: If your kid or teen doesn’t use a device, good on you and good on them! In that case, you can get them a Minecraft or Taylor Swift calendar (whatever they’re into!) so they can keep a visual schedule of when to change trays. Or maybe letting them write the next tray-change date on their mirror with lipstick or a dry erase marker will get them fired up to keep track!
  • Routine: Encourage a simple habit that aligners stay in unless it’s time to eat, drink something other than water, or do hygiene. Aviv’s got this rule down pat, and it makes remembering way easier. It also prevents her from forgetting them on the lunch table or bathroom counter.
  • Clear rules: Make it a non-negotiable part of their daily attire: pants, shirt, Chuck Taylors, aligner trays. 
  • Celebrate consistency: Noticing and acknowledging when they remember their aligner schedule on their own will encourage them to keep at it.

Aviv shared with us a little of what’s going on in that impenetrable social space among middle school kids. The good news is they’re nothing like we were! Many of us Millennial and Gen X parents can remember when we literally died because we had to get braces, but braces and aligners are so common now that our Gen Z children have no such worries.

Kids might say, “Ew, don’t eat that with your braces—it’ll get stuck in your teeth,” or “Please don’t leave your aligners here—that’s gross!” Meanwhile, taunts like brace-face and metal-mouth are thankfully laid to rest alongside our Furbies and Backstreet Boys CDs. Orthodontia is seen not as a liability, but as a rite of passage.

Perhaps what stands out most about Aviv’s story is how far orthodontics has come to create an inclusive culture. The combination of ubiquity, advanced technology like Invisalign, and the hard work of dedicated orthodontists like Dr. Joffre is transforming more than just smiles—it’s reshaping self-esteem and social interactions.

“They always ask me how my day was at school, they put me before orthodontics, and then they check in on my teeth. They’re very cautious of how I’m feeling so I can have the best experience.”

If your child or teen needs orthodontics, let’s chat. Our awesome team can help you and your family decide the best way to start your kiddo on their own journey toward a healthier, radiant smile. Contact us today!


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