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PATIENT STORY Marie's Transformation

Marie decided at age 70 that she could–and would–make a long-desired investment in her smile. After growing up in a family that couldn’t afford orthodontics and putting the idea aside while raising her children, a comment her husband said flipped the switch for Marie. He had gotten a relatively expensive pair of new glasses, and when Marie asked him about it, he said, “I’m worth it!” Marie thought, “He IS worth it!” This moment reminded her that she’s worth it too and inspired her to get the braces she’d always wanted.

She consulted with several orthodontists and chose Dr. Joffre and Dot Smiles because she loved the energy of the place. It didn’t hurt that her dentist had recommended Dr. J., but what really sold her was how welcomed she felt. Marie always looked forward to her visits with the Square Smiles team, and they were always happy to see her.

While her husband’s proclamation may have been a catalyst, Marie believes this journey really started back in 2013, when she was featured on a before-and-after TV show where participants received makeovers. The person in charge of hair and makeup remarked enthusiastically that Marie had the most beautiful smile, but Marie tells us she never felt that. She never thought she had a beautiful smile…until after her braces. 

The first time she saw herself objectively post-braces was on a Zoom call. She saw her image on the screen and thought, “Wow, I really look pretty!” She tells us it was the first time she truly felt pretty. Others are inspired by Marie’s choice too! Her goddaughter told her recently, “I’ll always remember that you’re never too old to do something for yourself, and you taught me that lesson.” Now, at age 75, Marie is so proud of what she’s done for herself. She’s still in love with her new smile and taking great care of it. 

 “I’ll never get tired of looking at myself with this smile.”


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