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PATIENT STORY Scottie's Transformation

Scottie is a bartender turned hospitality manager, turned performer, turned business development marketer living in Boston. He also happens to be a very satisfied patient of Dr. Joffre and the Dot Smiles team; and he was thrilled to sit down to chat with us about the benefits of Invisalign according to his experience. His journey is perhaps best framed as a series of wisdom nuggetsgathered along the way.

For Scottie, his Invisalign treatment has illustrated several life lessons, which we can all keep in mind, both during orthodontic treatment and in the grand scheme of things.

Scottie’s trek from one city to another, changes in his vocation, and eventually the decision to opt for Invisalign, all showcase how each occurrence in life sets the stage for what follows. It’s all about tuning in and finding the meaning of each moment, garnering wisdom from both the significant and seemingly mundane events, and letting that wisdom guide us.

Again and again, patients like Scottie report that no one notices their Invisalign. The aligner system’s discrete nature and Scottie’s personal experience highlight an essential insight—most people aren’t as heavily focused on our appearance as we may think they are. It turns out they’re most likely too involved in what they feel self-conscious about to notice your Invisalign, or whatever else you may believe screams for scrutiny.

Scottie’s search for “best orthodontist in Boston” is a prime example of refusing to settle for an average experience, something we can all learn from. Striving for the best in every facet of life is an assertion of self-worth and a recognition of our deserving nature.

We each have a tiny voice that tells us when it’s time to heed the red flags or say no to that job offer because a better one is coming along. And most of us have probably ignored it a time or two, later coming to regret it. When Scottie’s tiny voice told him it was time to leave NYC and live somewhere less demanding of his energy, he listened! And when he began to experience teeth crowding, he decisively set out to find an orthodontist. His actions remind us that listening to our intuition, especially when it signals a time for change, is a crucial aspect of personal growth.

Scottie’s open communication about his Invisalign journey ignited authentic connections with those around him. This act of sharing personal narratives—be they of trials, triumphs, or treatments like Invisalign—can create avenues for deep and meaningful connections. When we share ourselves, it encourages others to do the same.

“Dr. Joffre and his team are fantastic. Right out the gate, they make you feel super comfortable.”


Scottie’s story reveals that the benefits of Invisalign extend beyond a radiant smile, delving into life lessons we can all draw from. Thus, each of us stepping into the world of Invisalign is not merely signing up for orthodontic treatment, but potentially embarking on a transformative journey of our own. Reach out to us at Dot Smiles today to begin your transformation!

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